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Diving Standards 

Welcome to your adventures in scuba diving. Regardless if you are taking your very first diving class or if you are a seasoned diver taking advanced and specialty courses we must remain safe while diving. It is our responsibility as professional dive instructors that we teach you properly and to the standards set by your training agency. All training agencies the in world such as PADI, SSI, NAUI, PDIC, etc. have training standards that must be met by the individual student before that student becomes certified. These standards set forth by the training agencies are the same throughout the world and are there for your protection to ensure that you receive the proper instruction and have the proper knowledge and skills for your level of diving.


All diving classes are performance based. What this means to you as the diver, is you must meet the performance standards both in classroom and in the openwater environment in order to receive your dive certification. Class times listed for different levels of diving are the minimum time standards. Most people do get certified within the minimum time standards but some people learn at different rates so those people may need additional time to meet the standards. As dive professionals we are here to teach you and help you meet all standards so you can safely enjoy years of diving.

 All dive courses are taught by Cebu J’s professional dive instructors. We are here to provide you with the highest professional service. Our instructors will teach you in a fun and professional manner. We expect our students to be ready both physically and mentally ready to learn in the classroom and the ocean.         


 Fun Divers

Over the past several months we have noticed that a lot of fun divers / experienced divers are diving without dive computers or other means of keeping track of their dive time, this is a very serious and dangerous practice. As certified divers we are aware of the inherent risk of DCS, but to dive without knowing one’s dive time and dive depth puts YOU at a dangerous and unnecessary high risk of getting DCS.  Remember. as a certified diver YOU are the only person responsible for your dive time, dive depth and air supply.  Here at Cebu J, your safety is our upmost concern, so if you do not have a dive computer you can rent one from us for a nominal fee.        

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